Information about network connection

ShareMouse requires a local network connection between all computers in order to transmit the mouse cursor movements and keyboard to the connected PCs.

What is a network connection?

A LAN ('local area network') is the most popular data link between personal computers. In many cases LAN's are established by ethernet cables.

Example of an Ethernet cable connector

Alternatively, your computer may be connected via Wireless LAN, also known as 'WiFi' or 'WLAN'.

Basically, wireless LAN transmit the same information as a Ethernet cable connection but in most cases at slower data rates. Wireless connections are also prone to temporary connection losses due to radio interferences or reception issues.

How do I connect my PCs?

ShareMouse works with any type of network which supports the common IP protocol.

As only few data is transmitted, bandwidth and speed of the network is not critical.

If you have the choice, you may prefer an Ethernet connection because of the increased connection stability and faster performance.

You do not need a proprietary or dedicated network connection for ShareMouse. Computer networks can share the connections with multiple applications.

ShareMouse does not work over the internet. All computers must be connected in a local network.