ShareMouse Alternative

You probably reached this page while are looking for a ShareMouse alternative.

If you miss any feature in ShareMouse, why not tell us. We carefully listen!

We have been aware about "free" alternatives before and started developing ShareMouse for very good reasons:

Ease of use!

ShareMouse has a unique monitor layout detection that configures itself automatically for you:

Fire up ShareMouse on all computers and move the mouse to the desired computer.

That's it!


Another cool ShareMouse feature is the bi-directional functionality of sharing your mouse and keyboard:

Other programs may force your computers into a static server or client PC role. You can only remote control in one direction:

ShareMouse, however, works in any direction:

You can remote control your Laptop with the mouse and keyboard of your Desktop PC and vice versa.


  • No "master" or "slave" restriction.
  • No checkerboard layout restriction.
  • There is no "master" or "slave" restriction.
  • No reconfiguration if you change the direction.
  • No programs need to be shifted around.
  • Please check all the other exciting ShareMouse features.