ShareMouse v5 Documentation

Thank you for choosing ShareMouse as your mouse and keyboard sharing solution.


ShareMouse allows you to control multiple Macs or Windows computers with the mouse or keyboard of any other computer.

Moving the mouse to the screen of another computer, causes the mouse pointer to jump to that screen, allowing you to control a remote computer:

ShareMouse transmits mouse/keyboard actions through your existing network connection.

  • Each computer can control the cursor of any other computer within the network, in any direction.
  • You can drag & drop files and copy & paste the clipboard between Mac and Windows computers.
  • The display manager allows you to visually adjust display positions for seamless mouse transitions.
  • ShareMouse creates profiles for each work place and automatically switches the display layout.
  • Unused displays can be optionally dimmed. Arrow trails help finding the mouse cursor in large display arrays.
  • Advanced options prevent accidental display switching, e.g. when operating near the edges of a display.
  • ShareMouse can synchronize screensavers, login/logout and shutdown between computers.
  • Multiple workplaces can be isolated from each other by enabling the password protection.
  • Network traffic is optionally securely AES encrpyted.