KVM Software Applications

If you have two (or more) computers on your desk, ShareMouse is 'a must'…

ShareMouse is useful in many cases where you use more than one Windows or Mac computer in a room.

Control your Laptop from your Desktop PC

If you have a desktop computer and a laptop on your desk, you can remote control the Laptop with the full-size keyboard and mouse of your desktop PC.

No need to use small keyboards or awkward touchpads. You also don't need to buy a clumsy USB switch with all the ugly cabling on your desktop.

Just place the laptop next to the desktop computer, run ShareMouse and use the main computer's input devices to control the laptop.

ShareMouse also makes data exchange easy as 1-2-3. Just drag & drop files between different computers. No need to setup network sharing.

Control your Media PC from the Couch

Do you have a computer connected to your TV?

With ShareMouse, you can control your media PC from the couch with the mouse and keyboard of your mobile computer sitting on your lap.

All keyboard input and mouse movements are transmitted to your media PC through your network connection.

ShareMouse takes advantage on your existing gear and saves you from buying a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for your media PC.

Working in a Team

When working in a team, you can place two computers next to each other and collaborate in a very natural and intuitive way.

Each partner can move the mouse over to the other's computer to point to anything on the monitor and to collaborated on a document. You can control each other's computer without reaching for the other keyboard.

This comes in handy, especially if your colleague has a "hygienically challenged" keyboard with pizza stains. No need to ever touch it again with ShareMouse.