Schools and Kindergarten are shut down for several weeks in our region due to the Corona pandemic. To protect our staff and to enable them supporting their families, we temporarily switched to operating from home offices. This may cause delayed communication or limited availability for the time of public restrictions.

You can significantly help to manage the situation:

  • For questions, how to use the software, please browse the documentation first.
  • "99%" of inquiries we receive every day are really covered in the shop/licensing FAQ or technical FAQ.
  • If possible, please prefer sending inquiries through the email form below over telephone calls.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Take care!

Your Bartels Media Team

How may we assist you?

First Aid

Our online shop is handled by the 3rd party eCommerce provider "ShareIt/DigitalRiver" who receives payment and sends the license key(s) for your online purchases.

You have received your license with the delivery email coming from "DigitalRiver/MyCommerce/ShareIt". Please browse your email inbox for any of these sender names.

If you cannot retrieve the delivery mail from your email inbox:
  1. Visit the ShareIt customers login
  2. Adjust the web page language in the upper left, if necessary.
  3. Click the button "My Account" and log into your ShareIt.
  4. You can retrieve your purchase information.

If you lost the Login information, click the "Request Login/Password" link near the user/password input boxes.

Please check the trouble-shooting section in the documentation.

ShareMouse should run as smooth as you can see in our demonstration video - We use regular off-the-shelf hardware.

Please check our performance optimizing tips in the manual.

Please check the product documentation with solutions to restore the mouse pointer on Windows 10.