ShareMouse Freeware Policy

We give away "ShareMouse Free" free-of-charge to all users except Power and Professional Users (definition).

Why do we do this?

We know that budgets are tight and would like to give-away our software to as many users as possible.

However, ShareMouse is not a hobby project and dedicated full-time professional developers are working hard to make ShareMouse what it is today.

We decided to finance the continued development by those who benefit most from the ShareMouse productivity benefit: Power and Commercial Users.

Professional/Commercial use is also considered whenever the user receives financial benefit from his work (salary, wages, commission, revenue, etc.). We fully trust you that you don't cheat.

What is considered a Power or Pro User?

ShareMouse assumes use in a Power User environment in any of the following cases:

  • Use with a total of more than two displays. Example: A laptop with a built-in display and an external monitor connected to a desktop PC with one monitor counts as three monitors and would require a ShareMouse Professional Edition license.
  • Use with a Server OS or domain controller.
  • Use of any feature reserved for the Standard or Professional Edition

You can try ShareMouse with all features for about 30 minutes in demo mode to make a purchase decision. Restart all ShareMouse clients for another trial period as required.

Please consider supporting our work if you like ShareMouse.