ShareMouse is a software program for Windows and macOS, that allows you to control multiple computers with a single mouse & keyboard.

ShareMouse also synchronizes your clipboard between computers and enables you to drag & drop files from one to another computer.

ShareMouse creates a virtual desktop sphere of all monitors of any computer on your desk.

The mouse cursor can seamlessly roam from one monitor to any other monitor as if it were one single desktop.

This is similar to a dual monitor setup (two monitors connected to a single PC). With ShareMouse, however, it also works across multiple computersinstead of just multiple monitors.

If the mouse pointer crosses the border of the monitor of one computer it automatically appears on the monitor of another computer located next to each other.

In this case, all cursor movements and keyboard input is transmitted using your existing network connection.

The ShareMouse version available on the download page allows you to try all features for 20-30 minutes. For another evaluation period, simply restart all ShareMouse clients and you get another 30 minutes trial period.

Please test everything thoroughly and if you are happy with the results, the registration of a purchased license key turns the demo version into a full version. There is no need to install any other/different software.

We don't offer a typical "30 day trial version" as ShareMouse does not include any feature, that requires an evaluation over such an extended time period. Testing the remote control feature requires a simple swipe with the mouse. Drag & Drop would take the same time. Trying the copy & remote paste feature is a matter of seconds.

The ShareMouse Standard Edition supports exactly one display per computer.

The Professional Edition supports a maximum of four monitors per computer, but probably a maximum of 26 monitors in total.

Unfortunately, we are not able to state the maximum number of supported displays as we do not have so many monitors in our labs. Please test the free demo version for compatibility with your individual setup.

ShareMouse v6 supports displays that are shared with multiple computers.

Please test the free demo version first to check if ShareMouse works for you with such special configuration.

ShareMouse works on system level and is not limited to specific applications. However, please take it for a test drive first, to verify, that ShareMouse works in your specific environment.

ShareMouse should work fine on any modern Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Due to the large number of possible system environments we cannot make a compatibility statement for a specific system configuration. Please test the free demo version to make sure, that everything works fine in your individual setup and network environment.

ShareMouse is a smart alternative to hardware KVM switches because it does not require extra cables and offers features that are not available with a hardware KVM, such as drag & drop of files between computers or transfer of the clipboard.

However, ShareMouse does not transmit screen contents, so basically it is a KVM without the V.

No, each computer requires at least one monitor.

There is ultimately no use for ShareMouse if any of your computers is not connected to a dedicated monitor. ShareMouse is not a Remote Desktop Software such as TeamViewer or VNC.

Yes, you can use ShareMouse with any combination of Windows PCs and Apple Macs.

Computers can be any mix of Laptops, Netbooks, Desktop or Tablet PCs (mouse device required, a stylus would not work with ShareMouse).

No, ShareMouse is not compatible with Android or Apple iPhone/iPad and we do not have plans for it at this time.

No, ShareMouse is not Linux-compatible and we do not have plans for it at this time.

ShareMouse and VNC serve a totally different purpose: VNC transmits a remote PC's monitor contents onto your local computer monitor via the network/internet. This is also called "Remote Desktop Access".

ShareMouse, instead, does not transmit the monitor contents of any remote computer. It rather sends the mouse/keyboard input from one to another local computer to allow you to control that PC while you look at the monitor of that PC.

You can also transfer files between computers using drag & drop and transmit the clipboard.

ShareMouse uses your existing local network connection to transmit the mouse cursor movements and keyboard input between the computers. It also uses the network to support file drag & drop and clipboard transfer.

ShareMouse requires internet access during the short time of license registration and if you enabled the automatic check for software updates. Other than that, ShareMouse does not need an internet connection and you can lock it up in your outbound firewall.

ShareMouse uses the local network connection to transmit the mouse cursor movements and keyboard input which may trigger a firewall warn. You must grant ShareMouse access to the local network.

ShareMouse also requires internet access during the short time of license registration and if you opted for the automatic check for software updates. Other than that, you can safely lock ShareMouse up from outbound internet traffic in your firewall.

A properly configured VPN connection may work with limited transmission performance compared to a local network connection.

VPN programs may cut/re-route local network traffic which is out of reach for ShareMouse. This would need to be configured in your VPN solution. Please consult the maker of your VPN solution for directions.

You need to ensure that your VPN client software can be configured to allow local LAN access so that it can reach to your computer. Please refer to the documentation of your VPN provider.

Please note that shared use of VPN and local network may cause security issues. Please consult your IT admin if in question.

Due to the potentially complexity of such setup, we do not provide support for VPN environments.

Please test the free ShareMouse demo version for compatibility with your system environment.

ShareMouse does not work over the internet. It is designed for multiple computers connected in local network.

ShareMouse only requires internet access during the short time of license registration and if you opted for the automatic check for software updates.

Of course, you can still access the internet while you use ShareMouse.

No, ShareMouse only transfers a few bytes of data which is required to send the XY mouse coordinates and keyboard input. Data is only sent if the mouse is actually moved or a key is pressed. You will not recognize any network slow down during use of ShareMouse.

However, if you use ShareMouse to drag & drop files or if you transmit large clipboard contents between computers, such data needs to be transmitted through your network connection which may temporarily affect your network, like if you would transmit the file without using ShareMouse.

ShareMouse includes optional password authorization and AES encryption to securely prevent unauthorized access by other ShareMouse installations.

ShareMouse allows you to seamlessly move the mouse pointer between displays to control the other computer but you cannot use its screen real estate.

This would be a totally different kind of program.

ShareMouse supports two finger gestures to rotate and zoom.

Multi-finger gestures are not supported at this time as the OS doesn't seem to allow reading out such commands. We will continue to monitor the situation and try to implement multi-finger gestures if possible.

You can remote control a Tablet PC from another computer that has a mouse.

However, you cannot use the Tablet PC panel to remote control other computers as the tablet panel only allows moving in absolute X/Y coordinates, so your finger cannot go beyond the borders of the tablet device.

ShareMouse supports the mouse buttons left, middle, right, back and forth. It also sends signals for mouse buttons "4/5" but it is up to the mouse driver on the sender and receiver computer what to make out of it. ShareMouse does not translate or remap them in any way. Please try the free demo if it works as desired in your individual setup.