Screen Saver Synchronization

ShareMouse allows you to synchronize the screen saver between multiple Windows PCs and/or Apple Macs:

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If the screen saver of any computer kicks in, the screen savers of all other computers are activated automatically.

Just touch any computer to disable the screen savers of all computers automatically.

How to sync the screen savers between computers

Install the ShareMouse software and enable screen saver synchronization in the settings on all computers. The ShareMouse software then runs silently running in the background.

Whenever any computer activates the screen saver, ShareMouse automatically transmits a signal to all other network connected computers.

So much more than screen saver sync

ShareMouse is not only a screen saver sync solution but also allows you to share the mouse and keyboard of any computer with any other computer on your desk:

ShareMouse works from any Windows or Mac computer to any other computer in any direction. You can also drag & drop files between computers.