Kavoom Alternative

If you are searching for an alternative to Kavoom, look no further.

ShareMouse Advantages in a Glance

  • Cross-Platform support of Mac OSX and Windows
  • Drag & Drop files between computers
  • NO static master and slave roles.
  • NO manual configuration required.
  • NO restrictive checkerboard-like monitor positioning.
  • NO IP address or TCP port configuration.
  • Password protection and AES encryption.

Ease of Use

We invested more than six years of research to not make you think:

ShareMouse analyzes your mouse movements to determine the monitor layout on your desktop automatically:

Just move the mouse into the direction of the PC you wish to control.

That's it! ShareMouse does not need to know more.

No more manual configuration of the monitor layout - This also comes in handy if you roam work places with your laptop.

Drag & Drop files between computers!

ShareMouse enables you to drag & drop files between multiple computers:

Just pick one or more files with the mouse and drag them to the monitor of the desired target computer.

ShareMouse works in any direction

InputDirector defines "master" and "slave" roles which restricts controlling a computer in one direction only:

This means, that you need to re-configure all computers every time you wish to change the direction of remote controlling.

With ShareMouse, all computers are equal - Any PC can control any other PC in any direction:

Just touch the mouse or keyboard of any PC which instantly turns into a "master" without any re-configuration.

Once, ShareMouse is installed, you will never have to think about it anymore.

ShareMouse loves Apples, too

ShareMouse seamlessly works with any combination of Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows:


ShareMouse offers you the same level and precision of seamless monitor positioning as you know it from the Windows Display Properties:

Try ShareMouse within a minute