Network KVM

ShareMouse is a very cost-effective alternative to a Network KVM and allows you to control multiple computers from a single mouse and keyboard in your local network:


Connect multiple computers with any standard Ethernet or wireless LAN network connection and use the mouse and keyboard of any computer to remote control another computer.

The major difference between a Network KVM and ShareMouse is that ShareMouse does not transmit the monitor contents through the network but only mouse and keyboard input. This means, that all computers must be in visible reach.

How does the Network KVM Alternative work?

ShareMouse is a little software that silently runs in the background on your Windows PCs or Macs.

Once you move your mouse cursor against the border of your computer monitor, ShareMouse takes action and beams your local mouse cursor to the computer located next to it:

You now control the other computer with the mouse and keyboard of the local computer. In this remote control mode, ShareMouse sends all mouse and keyboard input via your existing network connection.

You will never have to think again about which mouse or keyboard to use to control a particular PC.