Synergy Alternative

If you are looking for a Synergy alternative, please check out ShareMouse:

It looks like "the same thing" but ShareMouse has a quite different approach under the hood.

Why you might like ShareMouse:

ShareMouse also allows you to synchronize logging in/out a computer on all your other PCs and Macs:

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Drag & Drop Files between Computers

ShareMouse allows you to drag & drop files and folders between computers:

Ease of use

It is really that easy: Just click any files and drag them to the remote computer of your choice. ShareMouse takes care of the rest and sends the files by using your existing network connection.

Advanced Clipboard Synchronization

ShareMouse synchronizes the clipboard between multiple computers:

ShareMouse also supports formatted text, bitmaps, files and file folders.

Another benefit: Other clipboard synchronization utilities may overwrite the clipboard of all remote computers even if you want to perform clipboard operations on your local computer only.

With ShareMouse, the transmission is initiated with the paste action and not the copy action. This allows you to choose a specific target computer to paste the remote clipboard contents to prevent accidental clipboard data loss. The clipboard of all other computers remain untouched unless you want them synced.

Ease of Use

ShareMouse analyzes your mouse movements to automatically determine the position of your monitors on your desktop:

Just move the mouse into the direction of the PC you wish to control:

That's it! Fire up ShareMouse and just use it as you think it should work!

ShareMouse works in any direction

ShareMouse doesn't restrict computers into static "master" and "slave" roles that limit the direction of remote control. With ShareMouse, all computers are equal - Any PC can control any other PC in any direction at any time:

Bidirectional Remote Control

Simply touch the mouse or keyboard of any PC which instantly turns into a "master" without any re-configuration.


ShareMouse offers you the seamless monitor positioning as you know it from the Windows Display Properties:

Location aware Profiles

If you use a computer at home and in the office, ShareMouse automatically creates separate monitor profiles for each work environment and automatically switches to the monitor profile that fits to the current location.

Just use your computer with ShareMouse in any workplace without ever touching the configuration.

Try it in less than a minute

  1. Launch ShareMouse on all computers.
  2. Move the mouse to the monitor of any other computer.
  3. That's it. Really!

Don't take our word. Try it yourself:

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