USB Switch

An USB Switcher can be used to share multiple input devices with a single computer.

This mean you can use one mouse and keyboard to control one or another computer on your desk. This saves you from juggling multiple mouse and keyboards.

There are USB switch boxes available on the market to accomplish this task. However, such USB switching devices have some short-comings.

Disadvantages of a USB Switching Box

  • Cable Clutter - All computers and all input devices must be wired to the USB switch, adding clutter to your desktop.
  • Limited number of ports - Hard USB switches are always limited to a specific number of USB ports. If you need support for an additional computer, you must purchase new hardware. The cost for USB switches increases exponentionally with the number of USB ports.
  • Power consumption - Hardware always requires power. Even if the USB switch doesn't require a power supply, it pulls the required energy from the USB ports of the connected computers. If it is a laptop, it will reduce its battery life.
  • Slow switching - Windows PCs take a very long time to recognize USB input devices every time you switch from one computer to another.
  • Work interruption - To switch between the PCs your hand must leave the mouse or keyboard and reach out to the switch of the USB switching device and press a button. Moving your hand back and forth interrupts your workflow.
  • Compatibility issues - As the USB switch is connected between the computers and your input devices, the USB mouse can have compatibility issues and may not detect your USB keyboard and or USB mouse properly.

Alternative to a USB Switch

ShareMouse does not require any setup or cabling. Launch the software and you are ready to go with many advantages:

  • Instant switching - Your input device keeps directly connected to your computer just like always. This means, that the operating system does not cause any delay caused by any device detection.
  • Efficiency - Instead of adding new cables and USB switching boxes, ShareMouse is software-only and sent the input data through your existing network connection.
  • Flexibility - ShareMouse works with up nine PCs and in any direction.
  • Compatibility - As the input devices keep being connected to your computer directly, you won't experience any compatibility problems.

If you have multiple computer keyboards cluttering your desk, ShareMouse is all you need to free up your desktop!

How does ShareMouse work?

ShareMouse is a software solution that silently runs in the background on any of your Windows and Mac PCs.

If you move your mouse cursor against the border of your computer monitor, ShareMouse takes action and beams your local mouse cursor to the computer located next to it:

You now seamlessly control the other computer with the mouse and keyboard of the local computer. In this remote control mode, ShareMouse sends all mouse and keyboard input via your existing network connection (wireless LAN or Ethernet).

ShareMouse works from any computer to any computer in any direction.

You will never have to think again about which mouse or keyboard to use to control a particular PC.

Try ShareMouse now - You will be up and running within a minute