Password Protection

Video Tutorial

By default, ShareMouse adds any other ShareMouse installation in a local network to your setup automatically.

To separate work places in a shared network environment from each other, configure a separate password for each work place:

  1. Open the ShareMouse "Settings" and switch to section "Network".
  2. Enable the password option and enter a password.
  3. Repeat above steps on all computers you wish to group to a separate work place.

Done! Only clients with the same password can now connect with each other.

Password-protection automatically enables AES 128 (CBC mode) encryption of network data such as keyboard input, mouse coordinates, clipboard transfer and file transmission data.

If one ShareMouse installation is password-secured, all ShareMouse clients must be password-protected as well.

Connection Settings

ShareMouse installations find each other by sending/listening for broadcast polls on UDP port 1046 and uses TCP port 6555 for clipboard sharing and file drag & drop.

If these ports are occupied by another application, choose another available port under Settings » Network.

  • Port changes must be applied to all connected ShareMouse clients!
  • ShareMouse programs must be able to pass the firewall through the ports in the local network.
  • You may need to update firewall settings after changing ports!