Remote control

To control another computer with ShareMouse…
  • Move the mouse to the display of any computer you wish to control.
  • If configured, press the QuickJump hotkey.

ShareMouse automatically determines the display position of the remote computer by detecting the direction you move the mouse:

If the mouse is moved beyond the right-hand side of a display, ShareMouse assumes the remote PC being located on the right. This works in any direction.

In case of an ambiguous Display position in a multi-display configuration, ShareMouse displays letters from A-Z, allowing you to select the desired display by pressing the corresponding letter:

The mouse cursor then magically jumps to the display of the remote computer, allowing you to control programs on that remote computer with the mouse and keyboard of the controlling computer.

Windows has different hotkeys than Mac. For example, to remotely enter the @-symbol in Windows from a Mac, you would need to press CONTROL-OPTION-Q on the Mac. To remotely enter the char on a Mac, you would need to press ALT-L on the Windows PC. Who said, life would be easy?

To cancel remote control, move back the mouse to the controlling PC or press the "panic" key (default hotkey isESC).

You can also drag & drop files or transfer the clipboard between computers.

Please check the troubleshooting section if you experience remote control issues.

ShareMouse for Mac does not distinguish between left and right SHIFT/CMD/CTRL keys. Windows distinguishes here, if Windows is running on both computers.