ShareMouse needs to be installed on all computers and is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

All computers must be connected with a regular, local network connection to transmit the mouse cursor movements and keyboard input. ShareMouse does not work over the internet.

As Wireless connections are prone to temporary drop-outs due to radio interferences or reception issues, we recommend to use a cable Ethernet network connection.

Windows installation

Video tutorial

To install ShareMouse on a Windows computer:
  1. Download and double-click the installation file.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Repeat the installation on all computers you wish to link with ShareMouse.
  4. If you already purchased a license key, register the license key on one(!) of the installations.

The installation requires administrative rights. If you cannot obtain admin rights on your computer, you can run ShareMouse without admin rights in portable mode.

Windows service

The Windows installation procedure installs a Windows service with following benefits:

  • Remote control of secured UAC-dialogs.
  • Remote control between applications running with different access rights (admin vs. user rights).
  • Sending of CTRL+ALT+DEL to a remote PC.
  • Synchronize remote login/lock and shutdown.

The ShareMouse client appends "(service)" to the program name to indicate that it has been launched by the ShareMouse service

The ShareMouse service is not available in portable mode as it requires an installation on the guest computer.

The ShareMouse service takes a few seconds to launch ShareMouse in the required (user vs elevated) session.

If you need to restart ShareMouse with the service installed, you need to restart the ShareMouse service, not the regular program file (video tutorial).

Portable mode

If you do not have administrive permissions to install ShareMouse or if you want to use ShareMouse occasionally on different PCs, you can run it from an USB memory device:

  1. Download the ShareMouse Portable Edition ZIP file.
  2. Extract the ZIP file contents into any folder of the USB device.
  3. Double-click the program file "ShareMouse.exe" located in the program folder on the USB device.

ShareMouse automatically enables Portable Mode if it detects being launched from a USB storage device. If USB device detection fails, you can force portable mode by launching ShareMouse with command-line parameter -portable (video instructions).

In portable mode, ShareMouse does not write any files onto a guest computer.

  • Shut down the program before unplugging the USB device to prevent losing program settings changes.
  • In portable mode, ShareMouse cannot install/use the ShareMouse Windows service.

MacOS installation

To install ShareMouse on a Mac:
  1. Download the Mac installation file.
  2. Double-click the setup program to open the installer.
  3. Drag the ShareMouse application icon from left to right into the application folder:

  4. Repeat the installation on all desired computers.

Important macOS system settings

ShareMouse requires some settings on your Mac to provide its service.

If ShareMouse does not appear in any of the below configuration dialogs, it might be that macOS will prompt you on the occasion any such authorization is needed.

  1. Open the macOS System Preferences:

  2. In System Preferences, switch to section "Security & Privacy":

  3. Click the "Privacy" tab, unlock the padlock in the lower left. On the left, click section "Accessibility" and add ShareMouse to the list of programs (Video tutorial):

    This setting is required to allow ShareMouse controlling and reading the mouse and keyboard.
  4. On the left, click section "Full disk access" and add ShareMouse to the list of programs:

    This setting is required for file drag & drop between computers, the clipboard synchronization and to store program settings across users.

ShareMouse never transmits your files or mouse/keyboard input over the internet (see our privacy policy).

MacOS may require to uncheck and check above setting again for each ShareMouse software update. IMPORTANT: If such re-confirmation of the privacy setting is required, you must exit ShareMouse before re-applying the checkmark in macOS privacy setting as otherwise mouse clicks may not work anymore for unknown reasons. In such case, press the power button for a couple of seconds to perform a system reset. In some cases, you would need to delete the ShareMouse and manually add the ShareMouse entry again using the + and - buttons.


Newer ShareMouse versions can be safely installed over an existing installation.

Make sure to update/upgrade all ShareMouse installation on all computers. Do not mix different ShareMouse versions.