This sections applys to Mac only:

ShareMouse can optionally translate the Windows modifier keys CTRL, ALT, WIN to the Mac equivalents CMD, OPTION and CONTROL.

If you experience issues with mouse drag operations while pressing any key, try if toggling option "IOHID input simulation" helps.

If "IOHID input simulation" is enabled, you cannot remote control the Mac in the Login window.

If you experience issues when working in Remote Desktop sessions or virtual machines on the Mac, try if toggling option "Simulate CTRL, SHIFT, CMD and Option key as flag event" helps.

Secure input warning

The "Secure Input " macOS system function is designed to protect sensitive text input (such as password input) against spying malicious 3rd party programs.

Unfortunately, some applications do not release this shield after intended use and any following keyboard input keeps being invisible for 3rd party apps, including ShareMouse.

The ShareMouse option "Secure input warning" issues a warning if that happens to allow you take action (e.g. by restarting the faulty application).

Unfortunately, on a unknown selection of Macs, calling of this macOS system function adds significant CPU load. If you experience high CPU load, please disable this option.

Changing this option requires a Mac restart.

Work around: Disable "auto-submit" feature of any auto-login feature and/or close and restart the application, that caused the interference.
If you experience high CPU load, disable option "Secure input warning" which triggers a system task which may seem to stuck on a few Macs. A restart of your Mac is required.