Program States

ShareMouse indicates its current status by its icon in the lower right of the Windows task bar or if using a Mac, on the upper right of the status bar:



ShareMouse is loaded and awaiting connection by another client on the network. This is the initial state.

If you cannot establish a connection to any other PC, try our troubleshooting tips.


Perfect! ShareMouse has found another ShareMouse client on the network and is ready to use.

You can now start remote controlling the other computer (see chapter "Getting Started").

Active remtoe control

ShareMouse is currently remote controlling another PC and is sending the cursor position and keyboard to the remote PC.


ShareMouse is temporarily disabled.


ShareMouse issues a warning. Hover icon to get details.


ShareMouse has not found a network adapter or is waiting for configuration. Hover icon to get details.

Windows hides task bar icons by default. Please make sure to enable the ShareMouse task bar icon as it displays important program status information.