Panic Hotkey

The customizable panic hotkey (on the upper left side of your keyboard) resets ShareMouse and cancels any active remote control, e.g., in the rare case of any undefined system state or if you visually "lost" the mouse cursor in large display setups:

Escape key on a keyboard

Under Settings » Misc, you can customize, how many times the panic hotkey must be pressed in order to recognize your state of panic.

Example: The default hotkey is ESC. If you configure two panic key repetitions, the first ESC press would be sent to the remote computer and the second ESC press would trigger panic and cancels the remote control.


On a Windows-PCs, you can configure a hotkey under Settings » Misc for the local computer, that issues the infamous CTRL + ALT + DEL keyboard shortcut on the remote PC.

The hotkey must be different from CTRL + ALT + DEL .

ShareMouse must be launched with Windows service.

Monitor Dimming

Video tutorial

ShareMouse can optionally dim inactive displays if enabled under Settings » Misc.

Darker dim levels emphasize the active display but makes it more difficult to read contents on inactive displays.

Arrows indicate the mouse travel direction:

Disable dimming if the feature causes video programs to quit full-screen.

If dimming is disabled, arrow trails are disabled as well.