This documentation refers to ShareMouse v6 beta. The documentation for production version 5 is available here.

Getting started

  1. Launch ShareMouse on all computers.
  2. The ShareMouse symbol shows up in the lower right of the Windows task bar (in the upper right menu bar on a Mac):

    Windows hides icons of newly installed programs in a task bar sub menu by default. To make it visible in the task bar, click the rectangle icon and drag the ShareMouse symbol into the task bar:

  3. All computers must be connected to the same local network. ShareMouse must pass the firewall. ShareMouse does not work over the internet. If using a VPN, make sure that it doesn't cut/route local network traffic over the internet.
  4. A successful connection is indicated by a green circle with a check mark in the ShareMouse icon:

    Perfect! If you see this icon on all computers, ShareMouse is ready to use!

If you do not see this icon, check out the troubleshooting section.