To use advanced features and for professional use, you need to purchase a license key, that you register in the software

If you wish to use the license on another computer, you can de-register the license registration.

A license is valid life-time and includes a maintenance term which starts with the date of purchase. After maintenance expiration, you can renew maintenance.

You can also review the license status.

Back-up the installation file as we do not keep a download installer archive.

License Registration

To register a license key to a ShareMouse installation:

Video instructions

  1. Purchase a license in the online shop.
  2. You will receive a license key by email after payment.
  3. Copy the entire license key into the clipboard.
  4. Click the ShareMouse program system tray icon and select Register for professional use.
  5. The license key should appear in the input field and will be registered after you click the button Register.
  • Only register one single computer per group of computers you wish to link together with ShareMouse. Do not use the license key for multiple computers.
  • If wish to use ShareMouse at work and at home, register the computer, which travels with you, e.g. a laptop, that roams with you between work and home. All other ShareMouse installations will automatically get a temporary license upon network connection with a registered computer.

    If you have a computer, that roams between different work places, please register that computer as it will license the setups at either place.
  • A separate license is required for each separate group of computers. Only one computer needs to be registered with that license key.

The license key registration is an one-time procedure. An internet connection is required to store the license key association to your hardware on your online license database. Only your license key, program version number, the language and hardware ID is transmitted to us during this procedure.

Please reboot a Mac, if ShareMouse can't connect to other ShareMouse clients after registration.

If no internet connection is available on any computer, you can run ShareMouse from an USB stick. Insert the USB stick onto any other guest computer that has internet connection and register the license from there. The license will be tied to the USB stick for use with any PC.

License Removal

To de-register a license key from a ShareMouse installation:

Video instructions

  1. Click About ShareMouse in the tray icon menu.
  2. Press "Remove license".

If the software has already been uninstalled, simply reinstall ShareMouse to deregister the license key. After deregistration, ShareMouse can be removed from the computer again.

This operation requires an internet connection in order to delete the license key association in our online database (privacy policy).

Deregistration is only required on the computer of the ShareMouse installation that you originally registered with a license key.

Maintenance renewal

To renew maintenance for an existing registered installation:
  1. De-register the current license key.
  2. Register the new license key.

License status

To review the current license status and remaining maintenance term:

  1. Right-click the ShareMouse tray icon.
  2. Click the About ShareMouse in the popup menu.