Monitor Manager

The Monitor Manager allows you to review and fine-tune the monitor positions.

Video Tutorial

To open the ShareMouse Monitor Manager, click the ShareMouse tray icon and select Monitor Manager from the menu:

SHIFT-click the ShareMouse icon for quick access to the Monitor Manager.

The Monitor Manager visualizes the monitor positions of all connected computers:

Click and drag the monitor symbols to match the layout with the monitor positions on your desk.

The local monitor is indicated by a thicker border. Hover monitor symbols for additional information.

The relative positions of multiple monitors of one computer must be configured in the Display settings of the operating system on the remote computer.

Multiple monitors of one computer must be lined up without gaps or overlaps. All monitors of each computer must stand next to each other.

Monitor Layout Profiles

Sharemouse automatically creates separate monitor layout profiles if a computer is used in different work places:

Example: If you have a laptop used at home (with a Mac on the right and another Windows PC on the left) and at work (with three Windows PCs on the right), ShareMouse automatically switches configuration correspondingly.

Register your license key on the roaming computer. This computer will license all other connected computers over the network connection wherever you work.