Clipboard transfer

Video tutorial

ShareMouse can copy & paste the clipboard between multiple computers:

  1. Copy contents into the clipboard on one computer, e.g. with the system hotkey CTRL+C.
  2. Move the mouse to the display of the desired target computer.
  3. Press the customizable remote paste hotkey CTRL+V to insert the clipboard on the target computer. On Macs, the default hotkey is CMD+V.

Choosing a remote clipboard paste hotkey other than the default CTRL+V gives you the choice of either pasting the local or remote clipboard.

Supported formats

Clipboard transfer supports files, formatted and unformatted text and bitmaps.

  • Files, unformatted and formatted text is supported in any direction between Windows and macOS.
  • Bitmaps embedded in a text document can be transferred between Windows PCs. Macs cannot transfer embedded bitmaps in a text document as macOS uses a special variation of Rich text format (called "RTFD"). Solution: Transfer the bitmap as a file and then move the transferred bitmap file into the text editor on the Mac.
  • HTML is supported between Windows PCs. If no RTF version is contained in the HTML contents, Macs default to plain text.

The paste command in program menus will not insert the remote but the local clipboard. To paste remote clipboard contents, you must use the remote paste hotkey.

ShareMouse can transfer files but no program windows between computers. Each computer runs their own programs.